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Selling: The Profession features the eight-step Relationship Selling Cycle as the foundation for the last half of the book. In our four-part video series, we walk you through steps 3 through 7, which are the face-to-face aspects of the cycle.

We hope you will find this video series to be a valuable resource in your physical or virtual classroom. 


Part 1:



This video focuses on step three of the Relationship Selling Cycle. This step includes what are perhaps the most crucial elements of your face-to-face time with prospects, which is the first few minutes of your face-to-face meeting.

Part 2:



This video is devoted to step four of the Relationship Selling Cycle. Need discovery is all about asking the right questions and listening effectively. Successful salespeople don’t talk their way into a sale.

Part 3:

THe Presentation

This video details step five of the Cycle, which includes techniques to use during the presentation to continue building rapport and helping prospects connect features with benefits. 

Part 4:

Objections & Closing

In this final video, you will learn how prospects' objections are often signs of interest. And even though many salespeople dread this step of the Cycle, the close should be a natural conclusion to a successful presentation.

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