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Today's Complex Selling Climate Requires a

Focus on Building Relationships

Welcome to the 8th Edition of
Selling: The Profession

The 8th edition textbook is organized into two distinct parts: 
PART 1: Selling Success Fundamentals

Features foundational pieces for success such as:

  • How to cultivate a time-positive attitude.

  • The two attributes of behavior that determine your social style.

  • Reading nonverbal language and see beyond what prospects say. 

  • The five tools used by every successful salesperson.


PART 2: The Relationship Selling Cycle

Features the eight-step Relationship Selling Cycle that examines: 

  • How pre-approach can warm up a cold call.

  • The best way to "sell the appointment" over the phone. 

  • Effective questioning techniques (including SPIN® Selling). 

  • Making a compelling presentation. 

  • Which objections actually reveal interest.

  • The steps to create lifelong customers. 

Business People Talking


Not sure you agree? Consider this: 

The best salespeople are experts at identifying social styles, uncovering needs, reading nonverbal signals, and building rapport. They’re trained to make the right impression, manage their time, dismiss doubts, successfully close, shake off rejection, and foster loyalty.


With such a complex set of skills, what this sector needs is a simplified guide to success.


The 8th edition of Selling: The Profession is your complete handbook to a rewarding sales career that allows you to focus on what matters—your customers!

The brand-new edition will not disappoint. Students will find it engaging and readable, and instructors will enjoy the well-designed resources. It’s a book that delivers field-tested content, refreshing design, and the wow factor.

Neat Computer Desk

Instructor Resources

  • Classroom slides that are modern and fully customizable for in-class and online use. 

  • Test bank software that enables you to create your own custom tests.

  • Social media connection discussions that dissect the widespread use of social media in sales.

  • Four-part role-play video series featuring a complete sales presentation.

  • Instructor’s manual with outlines and answers to end‐of‐chapter questions, in-class exercises, and case studies.

  • Six-step telephone track for turning prospecting calls into appointments.

  • A curated collection of sales articles written and published by the author. 

  • Bonus chapter (not in the book but available HERE) on sales management. 

Sales Presentation Role-Play Videos 

We have taken our popular sales presentation role-play video and broken it into four short, digestible videos that are available for use by instructors, students, and salespeople for use in the classroom, in training, or in preparation for your own role-play presentation. 

Part 1 is available to preview right here, but if you would like to watch the entire series, simply click the link below to view all four parts on Vimeo. 

Minimal Office

eBook Now Available

Our goal is to provide you with all the virtual learning options you need. 

Given the ever-changing education climate, we knew we needed to go back and re-examine how people will learn in a post-pandemic world. 

With that in mind, we now offer an eBook that is available wherever RedShelf and VitalSource are used. 

Students have the opportunity to purchase the book or ebook or to rent the ebook, ensuring more students will have the book, and thereby making the classroom experience far more productive for instructors. 

The eBook is also available for rental or purchase here.



INSTRUCTORS ONLY! To request an evaluation copy:
Fill out the form below, and we will respond to verify a few details (name of the school where you teach, class size, etc.) and also give you the option of having your copy delivered as an eBook.

NOTE: Evaluation copies are for instructors and professors only. All other requests will not be answered.


Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch with you soon.

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